Yucca -it’s a perennial that maybe isn’t one that comes to mind in our Toronto climate. Most people associate it with southern climes and deserts where it is native. That is a good indicator of how drought tolerant it can be. Which is handy if you have a dry sunny spot somewhere. Usually those spots are difficult ones too. The Yucca is ideal for such locations.

It’s evergreen which gives the Yucca wonderful all season interest. Considered an architectural plant the tough spiky leaves and the tall bell shaped white flowers are standouts. It’s in flower in my garden in June and July. The snow in winter makes for a lot of eye candy. This plant can add drama to any garden. After the flowers are over I cut them off at the base with long handled pruners. Cut dead and damaged leaves in spring to smarten up for another year.


I have Yuccas on slopes, one steep, the other more gentle, and in well drained soil. They are all in full sun. All are near the road they tolerate road conditions just fine. I’ve had my Yuccas for 30 years (so they’re long-lived) and started with just two. They put out so many suckers it has been easy to add about 10 more. Just cut them away from the base of the mother plant ensuring you have sufficient root and plant them in similar growing sites. It will take a few years before they are mature enough to flower but they’re well worth the wait.

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