I’m not an advocate for home gardeners planting dangerous invasive plants. Sadly, I see how Toronto ravines, and even the TBG grounds, are infested with Japanese Knotweed and dog strangling vine. There doesn’t seem much likelihood either that such aggressive plants will be removed anytime soon. My own garden will soon be invaded by the Japanese Knotweed coming south from the neighbouring 3 gardens. In spite of the City’s new bylaw my experience with City Bylaws holds out no hope for action.

I found this article to be an interesting read;

The novelist E. L. Doctorow, in a 1989 conversation with PBS journalist Bill Moyers, said, “When ideas go unexamined and unchallenged for a long enough time, they become mythological and very, very powerful. They create conformity. They intimidate.”

When ideas remain unexamined and unchallenged, they intimidate ©


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